A machine for automatically unpacking complete powder-based plastic 3D printing build spaces. This with consistently good results for the unpacked components and highest reusability of the used powder.

Suction system, not included in the scope of delivery.

Only PULVERMEISTER machines have the internationally patented (patent pending) process that allows a gentle and thorough unpacking of the components while at the same time saving the used powder for recycling. This used powder is absolutely necessary for the next print. It is 'refreshed' with new powder to be used again as raw material for the next 3D print. PULVERMEISTER machines provide both parts and used powder in one operation.

All parts that can pass through an automatic final treatment in a sandblasting machine are suitable for this type of unpacking. The PULVERMEISTER Typ4 series is designed for the processing of production plants of the 20l class. 

Low energy consumption for the entire unpacking process, full recyclability of the contamination-free used powder, short working times and standardised quality of the components, all this in a high-quality processed machine: PULVERMEISTER Typ4 POWDER-BLASTER. 

The PULVERMEISTER Typ4 series is designed as a modular system. Further modules - such as a blasting unit - will follow in the near future. 

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The first module from our Typ4 series

The Typ4 POWDER-BLASTER is just 1.3m x 1m x 1m in size and weighs approx. 280kg.
Compressed air consumption: max. 600 l/min at 6bar pressure
Power supply: 230V (1-phase) max. 16A
Power consumption: max. 360W + suction (switching capacity 2kW)

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Clear operating elements

Simple and easy-to-understand operation requires hardly any training time and immediately brings significant time savings with greatly reduced health impact for the environment.

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Gentle treatment

All operating parameters can be set individually with a single hand movement. This gives a very wide range for optimising the degree of depowdering as well as part stress. The stress adjustment is particularly advantageous for quality assurance in the build process. 


Standardized results

Once set, the results delivered per build space are virtually identical.

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Screenshot%202021 11-08%20at%2016.05.39


20l in under 15 minutes

Normally, the PULVERMEISTER Typ4 processes 20l in under a quarter of an hour. Depending on the components and material, this time can vary. Even if we assume 30 minutes as working time per build room, this would correspond to 16 build rooms of the 20l class in one work shift.

You still have questions or would like to order?


The machine must be cleaned for this in the total powder contact area and then rinsed with the new powder. We do not recommend this.

Absolutely. A suction unit with vortex separation unit is absolutely necessary. There are already several manufacturers and if a suction unit already exists, the purchase of a vortex separation unit is sufficient. Please be sure to contact our Customer Care department for this.

No. You will find a suction system we can recommend under the menu item 'Accessories'.

On the PULVERMEISTER Typ4 POWDER-BLASTER there is a socket at the back bottom left. Connect your suction unit to it. For individual solutions, please contact our Customer Care Department. 

The PULVERMEISTER Typ4 POWDER-BLASTER will be available from Q3/2022. The delivery sequence will be processed after receipt of order.

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